The Gold Canyon Candle Story


The Journey Began Here

Our story begins in 1997 as a dream in a little Arizona kitchen. Co-Founder Karen Waisath wanted a candle that smelled as good and have a strong fragrance at home as it did in the store. Karen believed every ounce of wax you paid for should burn evenly and be enjoyed— not stick to the side of the candle jar.

Karen was determined to create this strongest fragrance candle and set out to do so. Her dream quickly turned into a journey and the creation of “The World’s Finest”.

Along the way, we’ve conducted worldwide research to find the very best fragrances, wicks, wax and additives. We are 100% confident that we create the finest strongest fragranced products. We even guarantee that our products are the strongest fragrance you will find anywhere!

With the help of our expert Coworkers and dedicated family of Fragrance Consultants, we’re proud to carry on the passion of a dream that began in Karen’s kitchen.

Our Dual wick, cool wax, non toxic candles are triple scented and have an all important safety collar to that self extinguish.



Chance Meeting

After a chance meeting in 2013 with Curt & Karen Waisath Co-founders of Gold Canyon on a Cruise in the Caribbean, I saw a unique opportunity for my dream job!

I wanted a business opportunity for myself and other women that allows us to work part time from home, whilst still making a full time income.

I am now the exclusive Independent Distributor for Gold Canyon Candles in Australia. Everyone is amazed at how strong the fragrances are and the long burn times. After launching in July 2013 we have built an amazing team enthusiastic demonstrators.

I love knowing we are offering amazing strong fragrance candles and other home fragrance products. Its a chance to catch up with friends, have a laugh and smell the divine fragrances. The strong scented candles really just sell themselves! Getting paid to party is certainly a dream job!

If you are interested in learning more about our strong fragrance products, having a party or the even the business opportunity jump online drop us an email and we would love to help you.

Alicia Hutton