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Alicia Hutton

Alicia Hutton   – Gold Canyon   Australian Distributor


You get what you give … plus 25%

The best part of the Gold Canyon candles is kits start from as little as $99.00.  Where can you start your very own candle business for under $100. This gives you have the freedom to determine the hours you work and your income is unlimited. The more time you invest, and the more scent mixers you hold, the more rewards you’ll enjoy.

Commissions on personal sales are 25% -30% Gold Canyon presents an opportunity unlike any other.

How much money will I make as a Fragrance Consultant?

It’s up to you! You determine how many hours you work and therefore how much money you make. The average scent mixer income is $180 AUD. For approximately 2-3 hours work!

We have a huge range of stock readily available in Australia.  Candle Party orders are shipped within 3-5 business days.

Join the Fun… Become a  Candle consultant

Parties per Week Sales / Party Commission Weeks/Year Monthly Annual
1 $500 25% 52 $500 $6,500
2 $1000 25% 52 $1000 $12,000
4 $1800 25% 52 $1800 $23,400

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